Cayce Approves Moratorium

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019 Cayce City Council approved a "temporary moratorium" on new construction.

The Moratorium includes applications, and the administrative processing of such applications, for new large scale single-family residential subdivisions of fifteen or more residences, and new large scale multi-family residential (including rental or owner-occupied apartments or condominiums) complexes of more than four living units in the City.

The justification provided by City Manager Tracy Hegler is "The City of Cayce finds itself in a time of potential rapid development. It would be beneficial for the operations of the City, and beneficial for the promotion of the public interest in orderly and prudent development of the City, for the City to undertake a study of the consequences and impact of planned and unplanned large scale residential growth in and around the City"Click Here

Three (3) building permits for single family dwellings were issued in Cayce in  2018.

Please contact members of Cayce City Council with any questions and/or concerns