Kershaw County Planning and Zoning is waiving construction permitting fees for all flood damaged structures located within the regulated floodplain due to severe weather that occurred on February 6-7, 2020. Construction permitting fees will be waived until March 31, 2020. 

“Kershaw County Planning and Zoning is prepared to assist homeowners through this process so repairs can begin quickly,” stated Michael Conley, Kershaw County Planning and Zoning Director. “Without a building permit and inspection process, there is no guarantee that the work being performed is safe and code compliant.”

Homeowners are encouraged to:

  • Contact their flood insurance provider and take photos of all damages
  • Homeowners and businesses owners can then proceed with removing all flood damaged sheetrock, drywall, insulation, and floor coverings to expedite the drying process, however, do NOT begin any repair work until proper permits have been obtained and any necessary inspections have been conducted.

A licensed contractor must be obtained to do the repair work and permits must be filled out in person in order to have construction permitting fees waived.

To begin the permitting process or need additional information, please contact Joey Adams-Raczkowski, Kershaw County Planning Manager, at 803.425.7233 extension 6.