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The overarching motivation that drives everything I do is the combination of passion and experience to connect like-minded, talented people. By leveraging my network, and supporting business owners and executives in growing theirs, I’ve made a significant difference in people’s lives. I can say that’s been my one true calling for over 32 years.

I’ve continued to build exceptional business relationships that result in business growth with the acquisition of the South Carolina client-only networking franchises called Network In Action.

Network In Action is a competitively-constrained group of clients that seek to serve each other through strategic introductions and strong business relationships.

The revenue generated to date has exceeded all projections and we welcome senior-level management and business owners to become part of our thriving membership.

I'm also available as a private coach for those who have "networking space" (chambers, leads groups, etc.) but want to do a better job of turning their network into RELATIONSHIPS. 6- and 12-month curricula available; please call or message to discuss suitability.

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Daniel Andrews


  • Professional Connector
  • Networking Concierge
  • Business Coach


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